Why is program evaluation important?

Organizations should evaluate the impact of their programs periodically to better ascertain whether they are achieving their desired results. Typically, the evaluation process focuses only on cost of the program. We use the “dual bottom line” approach to assess ROI based on the financial investment as well as the impact on the organization’s mission to […]

Why is marketing important?

 Marketing generates interest, conveys uniqueness, and compels action. Great marketing helps nonprofit organizations distinguish themselves from the competition through dynamic images, targeted messages, and engaging content. Effective marketing begins with solid research to instruct design and distribution. Optimally, the integrated marketing activities cross platforms to present a consistent brand. Communication is a strategy to convey […]

What can we do to diversify our board?

Creating more diverse and inclusive boards is one of the most important challenges facing nonprofits today. A growing body of knowledge suggests that we should begin by identifying what the ideal profile of our board would look like with respect to sectors represented, skill sets, and demographics (age, race, residence, gender, ethnicity, etc.). Only then […]

What is a Development Audit?

A Development Audit – often referred to as a Development Assessment – is designed to determine an organization’s ability to raise annual operating support. While it is similar to a Feasibility Study in several aspects, it is almost always internally-focused, may include comparative analysis with “best practice” organizations, and does not include usually confidential conversations […]

What is a Case Statement?

A Case Statement – also called a Case for Support – is a concise description of the need(s) the campaign is designed to address, the impact it will have on the organization and those it serves, and the amount of funding required. It will often include a preliminary design for bricks-and-mortar projects. While Case Statements […]

What is a Campaign Feasibility Study?

A Feasibility Study is an in-depth analysis of an organization’s ability to raise funds for a specific purpose or purposes. It is almost always conducted by an impartial expert consultant with extensive experience leading successful campaigns. A Feasibility Study should include confidential interviews with current and potential lead donors, staff, volunteer leadership, opinion leaders in […]