How is a Strategic Plan different from a Business Plan?

A Strategic Plan is primarily used for implementing and managing the strategic direction of an existing organization. It often revisits mission, vision, and value statements. A Business Plan is used to start a business, obtain funding, or direct operations. The two plans often cover different time frames as well.

Are all Strategic Plans the same?

Most Strategic Plans include certain key components: mission and vision statements, goals, strategies, and implementation plans. But the more important question to ask is “what do we want our Strategic Plan to accomplish?” Do we need to re-evaluate our mission in light of recent developments? Are we facing a sea change with respect to funding or regulatory […]

Clinch River Valley of Southwest Virginia

“Hargrove International Inc. exceeded our expectations during an intense 6-month-long strategic planning process for the Clinch River Valley of Southwest Virginia. They took to heart the needs of each individual community, organization, and stakeholder while meeting and guiding individuals at very different stages in the transformation process. This resulted in an inclusive experience that allowed […]

Greenwood Gardens

“John helped our organization establish it’s first Board Governance Committee and served as a consultant to this committee for the past four years. His support has been invaluable. The work of the Board Governance Committee has transformed our organization and moved it to the next level. Our board is more engaged than ever and we […]

How often should an organization update its Strategic Plan?

Current strategic planning methodology is designed to help organizations view themselves in new and creative ways, and position themselves for continued growth and development. The focus is on creating a process that helps an organization deal effectively with change – whether in the form of opportunity or threat – while staying true to its mission […]

Should we use an outside facilitator to assist with our planning process?

Most organizations will use a consultant to help them develop their Strategic Plan for several reasons. An experienced planner will know what tools are needed to assemble a Strategic Plan that meets your organization’s unique needs. He or she will be able to devote the time and energy necessary for the planning process. And an […]

Bellingham and Whatcom County (Washington) Cultural Heritage Tourism Plan

This destination in northwest Washington state boasts an abundance of natural assets and recreational activities. With attractive and vibrant downtowns as well as a variety of historic sites, local leaders wanted a tool to bring the communities together and build a sustainable, year-round tourism plan focusing specifically on their cultural heritage. The Lummi and Nooksack […]

Greenwood Gardens (New Jersey): Strategic Plan

The leadership for this estate (encompassing historic sites and gardens in Short Hills, New Jersey) decided to embark on developing a strategic plan to help define visitation opportunities, preservation needs, and organizational structure appropriate for the site. Hargrove International initially facilitated the strategic planning process. The resulting document and findings led to further assistance with […]

The Constitution Project (Washington DC): Strategic Plan

In 2013, The Constitution Project (TCP), a non-profit think tank in Washington DC whose goal is to build bipartisan consensus on significant constitutional and legal questions, engaged Hargrove International to facilitate its first comprehensive strategic planning process. During the course of the seven-month engagement, Hargrove conducted a detailed analysis of The Constitution Project’s finances, fundraising, […]