In recent years, the term “development” has been used to include an abundance of activities for organizations and destinations. Hargrove International defines “development” to explain how  organizations can effectively move their goals and objectives forward – through fundraising, leadership training, board governance, and other institutional strategies identified in planning processes.  For destinations, Hargrove International focuses on development strategies to strengthen or sustain tourism, enhance authentic assets and resources for economic growth, and emphasize culture and heritage as deliverers of distinctive place-based experiences. Specifically, Hargrove International offers the following development consultation services:

For non-profit organizations:

– Board Governance

– Leadership Training

– Fundraising Audits, Campaigns, Feasibility Studies

For destinations:

– Experience Evaluations, Audits & Development Plans

– Resource Inventories

– Cultural Heritage Tourism Development Workshops

– Product Development Technical Assistance

– Interpretation Plans

– Story/Theme Identification

– Authenticity Criteria & Guidelines

– Thematic & Trail Development