Who We Are

Hargrove International represents an alliance of independent consultants dedicated to providing quality and innovative professional services in the areas of strategic planning, development, and marketing. With global experience and a proven track record, Hargrove International is uniquely poised to apply proven and pro-active approaches to advance your particular agenda.

Four key principles form the cornerstones of our work. For each project we:

  1. Focus on Customization and Quality. By customizing each approach and deliverable, we respect our client’s unique needs and expectations. Each client receives quality attention to detail and a commitment to excellence.
  2. Provide Practical Instruction for Measurable Results. We research each client’s unique situation to identify desired outcomes and secure the necessary information required for optimal decision-making. Then, we determine the most appropriate implementation strategies to achieve proven results on a specific timetable.
  3. Apply Creativity and Innovation to Design Custom Solutions. Out-of-the-box thinking and use of technology allows us to design and deliver success models. We monitor trends and maintain an extensive network that enhances our ability to craft creative strategies to satisfy client goals and objectives.
  4. Demonstrate Enthusiasm and Integrity. Pride and passion drive our team to produce quality programs and products. Our goal is to manage programs and develop excellent products through an engaging, informative and inclusive process.

The Hargrove International Team