Who We Are

Meet the Hargrove International Consulting Team

Hargrove International includes a team of consultants with more than 70 years of combined experience. Headed by founder Cheryl Hargrove in 2007, the Georgia-based consulting company provides quality and innovative professional services in strategic planning, cultural heritage tourism, and nonprofit management. With global experience and a proven track record, Hargrove International is uniquely poised to apply proven and proactive approaches to advance your specific agenda. Our extensive network of associates allows Hargrove International to tap additional expertise for customized assistance.

Cheryl Hargrove


Author, instructor, and 35-year travel industry veteran, Hargrove is best known as the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s first Director of Heritage Tourism. During her tenure with the organization, Hargrove developed the key steps and principles for sustainable tourism focusing on history and culture.

She recently worked with the Georgia Department of Economic Development, Tourism Division, as Director of Industry & Partner Relations. Hargrove also served as Associate Director of National Geographic’s Center for Sustainable Destinations, assisting destinations in developing and marketing their place-based experiences.

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John Bauser

Vice President

John Bauser brings 30 years of executive management, fundraising, board development, advocacy, and strategic planning experience to his consulting engagements with a wide range of nonprofit organizations.

John’s strategic planning work uses innovative approaches from both the nonprofit and for-profit sectors. His work with the Brooklyn (NY) Conservatory of Music helped stabilize that venerable 120 year-old organization following years of staff turnover, declining enrollment, and mounting deficits. His work for the Churchill Centre and Museum, the YWCA of the National Capital Area, and The Constitution Project, helped those organizations chart new courses forward with comprehensive and detailed strategic plans.

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Rita Robinette

Principle Consultant, Foresite Consulting LLC

Rita Robinette has a diverse background in economic development, market research, planning, and product development. Over the last 30 years, Rita has provided professional consulting services to nonprofits, destination organizations and consultants, Main Street associations, heritage organizations, corporations, small businesses, economic developers, and government entities. She has collaborated with Hargrove International by providing technical expertise for several projects...

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Danielle Lewis

Sustainable Tourism Professional

Danielle Lewis has over fifteen years of professional experience in consumer trends analysis and relationship management. As a graduate of the Master of Tourism Administration program with a concentration in Sustainable Tourism Management from George Washington University, Danielle has worked as the Program Coordinator for The National Blacks in Travel and Tourism Collaborative and as the Project Manager for the Indigenous Tourism Collaborative of the Americas...

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Leon Seemann

Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE)

For almost 25 years, Mr. Seemann has helped non-profits and mission-driven organizations grow and thrive by ensuring their finances, procedures, and culture align with their goals. Mr. Seemann is a Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE) with expertise in leadership, strategic planning, operations, and fundraising. His whole focus is on helping his clients be more effective today than they were yesterday. He brings his energy and skills as a trainer and facilitator to work with teams of all types ...

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Emma Kieran

Principle, Pilot Peak Consulting

Bringing over 20 years of professional and volunteer fundraising experience, Emma started Pilot Peak Consulting in 2014. For the last 10 years, she has been a partner, coach, teacher, and change agent to nonprofits around the US. She has worked with over 60 nonprofits on various projects, from planning to implementation, coaching, and interim services. Most recently, Emma was the Vice President for Fundraising and Development at Orr Associates, Inc. (OAI), Befire OIA, Emma was a consultant with ...

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Guiding Principles

Four key principles form the cornerstones of our work. For each project we:

  1. Focus on Customization and Quality. By customizing each approach and deliverable, we respect our client’s unique needs and expectations. Each client receives quality attention to detail and a commitment to excellence.
  2. Provide Practical Instruction for Measurable Results. We research each client’s unique situation to secure the necessary information required for optimal decision-making. Then, we determine the most appropriate implementation strategies to achieve proven results on a specific timetable.
  3. Apply Creativity and Innovation to Design Custom Solutions. Out-of-the-box thinking and use of technology allow us to design and deliver success models. We monitor trends and maintain an extensive network that enhances our ability to craft creative strategies to satisfy your goals and objectives.
  4. Demonstrate Enthusiasm and Integrity. Pride and passion drive our team to produce quality programs and products. Our goal is to manage programs and develop excellent products through an engaging, informative, and inclusive process.