Destination Assessments

Visitor interests and motivations change and evolve. The recent pandemic and social issues also redefined visitor expectations and needs–from a desire for more diverse and inclusive experiences to an increased demand for safety and good service. As not all visitors travel the same way and represent different demographics, destinations must understand if their experiences deliver their brand promise.

Identifying historical, cultural, natural, and manmade assets is the first step to understanding viable opportunities for placemaking and placekeeping. Hargrove International conducts on-site assessments–either as a hosted activity with local engagement or as a “secret” exploration of experiences–to help communities realize areas of excellence and improvement. A written and visual report recapping individual attractions and activities’ hospitality, interpretation, aesthetics, authenticity, and diversity, along with a detailed account/evaluation of visitor services and infrastructure, provides a detailed review and analysis of current experiences.

Specific destination assessment services include:

  • Comprehensive on-site community/destination assessment of visitor-ready experiences (attractions, tours/recreation, retail, lodging, visitor services)
  • Diversity, Inclusivity, and Accessibility Assessments of historic sites/interpretation
  • Visitor-readiness assessments
  • Identifying infrastructure needs
  • Strategies for enhancing destination appeal, activities, and attractions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Placekeeping?

Initially defined by NEA and Robert Bedoya, placekeeping is the act of honoring the cultural lives of the community, preserving...

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What is Placemaking?

Placemaking utilizes arts, culture, and creativity to establish a gathering space for the community. It also serves a community’s interest while...

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Select Destination Assessment Projects