Strategic/Business Planning

Hargrove International offers a wide array of strategic planning services to its clients, helping them hone their mission and realize an established vision. With a particular understanding of destinations and non-profit organizations, Hargrove International draws on both traditional and cutting-edge techniques to customize approaches for measurable results.

Employing a research-based facilitation process, Hargrove International engages key stakeholders to create and inform strategic plans that are aspirational, actionable, and achievable. Each plan is tailored to realize the desired results, foster key partnerships, and leverage resources to create sight-raising but actionable implementation plans. Specific consulting services include:

  • Visioning Sessions
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Facilitation
  • Strategic Plans
  • Management and Business Plans
  • Competitive Analysis Reports
  • Benchmarking Research
  • Success Metrics and Evaluation

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