92nd Street Y Capital Campaign

The 92nd Street Y, a premier cultural institution and community center in New York City, engaged John Bauser in 2011 to assess their ability to launch a $150 million campaign and to assemble a comprehensive and actionable campaign plan. Bauser evaluated 92 Y’s current fundraising capacity, infrastructure and effectiveness, as well as the organization’s ability to launch, sustain and complete the proposed campaign. He conducted an in-depth analysis of 92Y’s current donor pool, provided guidance to 92Y staff as they drafted the case statement for the campaign and then tested the case statement during confidential interviews with key 92Y stakeholders. Using the assessment results, Bauser determined that 92Y could meet both its annual operating and campaign fundraising objectives by segmenting its prospects and structuring two carefully coordinated parallel fundraising efforts. He assembled a detailed action plan to achieve those objectives with a timeline, gift table, quarterly performance goals, proposed staffing structure, broad-form budget and optimal volunteer structure.