Why is program evaluation important?

Organizations should evaluate the impact of their programs periodically to better ascertain whether they are achieving their desired results. Typically, the evaluation process focuses only on cost of the program. We use the “dual bottom line” approach to assess ROI based on the financial investment as well as the impact on the organization’s mission to […]

Are all Strategic Plans the same?

Most Strategic Plans include certain key components: mission and vision statements, goals, strategies, and implementation plans. But the more important question to ask is “what do we want our Strategic Plan to accomplish?” Do we need to re-evaluate our mission in light of recent developments? Are we facing a sea change with respect to funding or regulatory […]

Helping Nonprofits in Appalachia

Hargrove International is pleased to work with the Appalachian Regional Commission to offer custom coaching assistance to nonprofit organizations impacted by COVID-19. Delivered through READY Nonprofits, the instruction for nonprofit organizations on financial management, mission & operations, operations & programming, marketing communications, and fundraising. Hargrove also developed curated resources made available online to all organizations […]