Virtual and Real Experiences

These are unusual times – difficult for so many organizations and people attempting to survive the COVID-19 crisis. While many of us remain sheltered in place, one great way to experience heritage sites is via virtual tours. Hillwood Estate, Museum and Gardens (in Washington, DC) offers a series of digital offerings into the life of Marjorie Merriweather Post, her home and gardens, and personal collection of more than 20,000 objects. Other sites around the country also provide virtual windows to the past – I encourage you to check them out for not only a great history lesson but also to start compiling your own list of future discovery trips.

When we are once again ready to travel, historic sites may be some of the best places to help us on the road to recovery. Our desire to experience a change of scenery, connect with our past, and learn stories of resilience, can indeed offer comfort and provide time for reflection. We need to ensure our historical societies, arts and heritage organizations survive to continue their mission of education and outreach, to help all virtual and real travelers with these important connections to history and culture.

Please consider donating now to your local museum or heritage society, so these institutions can also reopen when appropriate and continue providing their authentic experiences to all.