How does Cultural Heritage Tourism differ from other types of tourism?

Cultural and heritage tourism focuses on authentic local assets, both tangible and intangible, to attract visitors to a destination. These assets are what define the “personality of place” and, when considered with the natural assets, are unique to the location. Unlike manufactured tourism, which can be located anywhere, cultural heritage tourism is founded on the […]

30 and Still Relevant

In 1989 I had the great privilege of working with the National Trust for Historic Preservation on a new initiative to study the relationship between preservation and promotion. That initiative led to a heritage tourism movement that has lasted three decades, in part to five principles guiding asset-based economic development. These five principles continue to […]

Cultural Heritage Tourism Book

Every place has a story to tell, often found in historic sites or cultural traditions of the people who settled or currently live in a community, city, region or state. When these stories and places are shared with visitors, this activity becomes what is known as cultural heritage tourism. Success and sustainability in this growing […]